How to Make Your Own Business Cards

make your own business cards
As we explained earlier this year, it’s easier than ever to create your own marketing materials. And that includes DIY business cards. You don’t need to outsource this essential business collateral. When you make your own business cards, you have control over card stock thickness, font, colors, and design. All you need is a printer, discount printer cartridges, your preferred paper, software, and little creativity. Let’s get started!


Experience Easy, Stress-Free Shopping at the New ComboInk

Your manager requested a report on her desk by end of the day, your colleagues are asking you to order more ink cartridges for the office printer, and your kids need to be picked up from daycare in a half hour. If your day is anything like this, we understand and we’ve got your back. We know that life and work can be hectic. That’s why at the new ComboInk, we’ve made buying ink, toner, and other printing supplies as seamless and simple as possible. 

new ComboInk


How to Make Money from Your Blog

make money from your blog
If you’ve started a blog and now have a loyal following, you may be thinking what’s next? All the time spent writing articles and getting your blog recognized could very well have been worth the effort. No matter what genre your blog falls under you can make money from your blog.

Don’t worry. Earning cash from your blog isn’t a deceptive practice. Most blogs nowadays generate some income for the blog owner.


How to Create Your Own Marketing Materials

marketing materials
For any of you realtors and other small business owners out there, you know how much marketing materials can cost. If you are outsourcing the production of signs, brochures, or flyers, all of that printing adds up on your monthly budget. But there’s no need to max out your budget. If you have a printer, premium paper, high-quality ink, and a little creativity, you can keep the creation of marketing materials in-house.


Make Your Business More Energy Efficient This Winter

Make your business energy efficient this winter
If you’re a small business owner, you can save money by doing a lot of things yourself, including winterizing your workplace. You want to make sure your building is ready to handle wintry weather. Follow these steps to save your business energy and money this winter. 


Free Christmas Printables for Ornaments and Gift Labels

Christmas printablesHaven’t decorated your home yet for Christmas? You’re in luck because we’re revisiting one of our popular posts “Christmas Tree Ornament Printables.” Keep reading to see how to print your Christmas ornaments and gift tags.

Christmas is a time for family and togetherness. One of the ways for the family to spend quality time together is to decorate the house for the holidays. So we’ve created some simple but beautiful Christmas-themed printable d├ęcor items that you can use to really get into the festive spirit with your entire family.


Top Tech Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday List

Holiday Tech Gifts
Still thinking about what to get your family for the holidays? If your gift recipients like the latest gadgets and tech “toys,” check them off your list because we’ve rounded up the top tech gifts for everyone on your holiday list. We’ve got you covered whether you need a gift for mom, dad, husband, wife, or kids. The products below are listed from least expensive to most expensive. Happy shopping!