Behind ComboInk's Logo Design Update - February 2015

comboink logo design
If you take a second to glance at our logo, you might notice something unfamiliar. You might be wondering now why we made such an update to our logo design, and we are more than happy to explain the powerful reason behind this. 

ComboInk's Logo Design Update

February is iconic for heart-shaped confections and items because of Valentine's Day, but there is another important event that often gets overlooked: American Heart Month. ComboInk has incorporated a heart in this month's logo to remind everyone to care for their hearts. The reason why is because cardiovascular disease doesn't affect everyone in the same way, and can go often go undetected. ComboInk wants to help change that this February through our business logo.

Read more about CVD prevention here, and share with us your thoughts about ComboInk's new company logo design!